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Turn to our experts in Dallas, TX for a surveillance camera system

From helping to deter vandals and thieves to keeping an eye on pets while you're away, surveillance camera systems provide a variety of benefits. Interested in installing security cameras around your home? We're here to help.

Platinum Multimedia is a trusted source of home surveillance services in the Dallas, TX area. Give your loved ones peace of mind by placing high-tech cameras in high-traffic areas. Call 214-202-3415 today to ask for recommendations.

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We work with products from top-notch brands

When you're ready to install security cameras at your home in the Dallas, TX area, you'll want to choose cameras that record footage for you to view later, allow you to view live footage remotely and can alert you of suspicious activity. The following brands make surveillance camera systems with these features:

  • Ring
  • Luna
  • Lorex

If you hire us to install products made by any of these brands, you'll receive a warranty and three months of free preventative maintenance services. Get in touch with us now to learn more.