As a homeowner, you have got enough on your plate.

Let a professional manage and maintain your new system.

We will prevent your equipment from getting damaged by keeping it clean, dust-free and running smoothly. With technology changing, and more smart home systems, your network will face extra challenges. More equipment means more issues, and big system crashes happen at the worse times
Our efficient, non-invasive Prevention Maintenance Plan helps us solve problems fast and preserve life expetancy of your equipment, so you dont have to drop everything when your system goes down.
We provide proactive support for all your equipment, and we will ensure those devices operate using the latest software, so your investments stay protected overtime.

Proactive Plan
  • Deep Clean, Dust, Maintain the equipment.
  • Replace any damaged cables.
  • Service calls or new equipment
  • Installations will be billed at $50 an hour.

  • Discrete Remote Management
  • Glitches happen... if your system goes haywire, we'll hunt down vital clues and service common issues remotely, without disrupting your home or your schedule. We will keep an eye out for slow Internet speeds or malfunctioning devices. Usually, we'll solve issues before you even see them
  • Continuous Software Updates
  • We'll keep your devices optimized and up to date so they'll work well with tomorrow's innovations.
  • Scheduled System Inspection
  • We will schedule a time and day each month to go over and test all of your equipment to make sure everything is working properly.
  • $100/Monthly
  • $270/Quarterly
  • $1020/Yearly
  • (up to 20 TVs, 8 Cameras, Network system and 5 APs)

One-Time Maintenance
  • $114 Additional System
  • Two Tune-Ups Per year
  • (2) Standard Filter Replacements
  • $59 Discounted Service Call With Repairs
  • 10% Discount on all Repairs
  • 90-day Defender Warranty on all repairs
  • Drainline Coversage
  • Preferred Service

$10 per camera
$10 per TV
$15 per audio system
$15 per network switch or access point

** Filter Media (Throw Away/Box Filters Not Provided)
^ 90 Days From Time Of Service

This agreement, which takes effect from the date stated above, is between Platinum Multimedia and the Customer whose name and address is set forth above.

A. General

I. This Agreement comprises the entire agreement between Platinum Multimedia and the Customer as regards service(s) provided by Platinum Multimedia to the Customer. Thus, all representations, promises, inducements or agreements not contained herein shall be of any effect.

II. This Agreement shall be regulated by and interpreted in line with the laws of Texas

III. The Customer concedes after reading through and understanding all pages of this Agreement.

B. Relationship with warranties

Note that this Agreement is not a warranty. Equipment purchased from Platinum Multimedia is covered by the equipment manufacturer's warranty. Also, repair and replacement of bad parts are covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

C. Limited/Warranty

I. All maintenance services that have a defect during the term of this Agreement shall be reworked. Peradventure Platinum Multimedia are unable to carry out any maintenance service because of a fault on our part, the fees covering that part of the maintenance service will be refunded.

II. All materials supplied and used during maintenance services are covered by the specific warranty for those materials. This Agreement is not a warranty for such materials.

III. The warranty set in C (I) above comprises of the SOLE LIABILITY of Platinum Multimedia and the sole remedy of the Customer for the defective maintenance service(s) irrespective of whether such arose under tort, contract, strict liability or various other kinds of actions. Note that every other warranty (implied or expressed) are exempted therefrom.

D. Service

Platinum Multimedia will carry out regular inspection and maintenance of the equipment under the preventive maintenance plan for the fee set below. Inspection and maintenance of equipment will differ depending on the nature of the equipment.

E. Fees

I. The preventive maintenance fees for the services to be provided under this Agreement are listed below.

II. Where parts or equipment not covered under the preventive maintenance plan, the Customer will pay Platinum Multimedia the current list price of the parts or equipment for any replacement parts needed for the provision of service on equipment.

III. In the case where the Customer request Platinum Multimedia to provide any other service which is not stipulated in the preventive maintenance plan, Platinum Multimedia will use reasonable efforts to provide such a service at the current and standard hourly rates stated below.